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Recruit, train, schedule, and engage your volunteers without breaking out the bank. Reduce the busywork, emails, and misinformation and get back more time to focus on the work that matters.

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Meet Bella

Trusted by Nonprofits Big and Small

"The software has actually been tailored to meet our non-profit's every need.

Bella has been a welcome change to our previous software. It is much more user-friendly for both our volunteers and administration. It is also visually less confusing than our previous software.

Emily is always a phone call or email away and has addressed each and every change we need to make. On a scale of 1-10, I give Bella a 10 for OUTSTANDING. I would recommend Bella to all non-profits."

Rita Warren
Volunteer Coordinator, Pet Network Humane Society

"Even one of our organization's most technology-challenged volunteers is able to use Bella!

Bella solves our problem of having information located in a central place, so everyone who needs to access it is able to do so.

We work with Bella staff to customize features to our needs and it is working well. That flexibility and ease of access is key. We have tried other methods, but they failed mainly because of a lack of flexibility, adaptability, and ease of access."

Amy Young
Operations & Event Coordinator, the Space Station Museum

What Bella Can Do For You

Manually recruiting, training, tracking, and scheduling every volunteer can leave you drowning in busywork. Let Bella take care of automating emails and organizing data so you can take care of connecting with your volunteers and reaching your mission goals.

Streamlined Recruiting

Easily keep new volunteers engaged with clear step-by-step application & training processes. Simplify tracking for leads, applicants, waivers, and application information.

Simplified Scheduling

No-fuss 1-click and online scheduling for volunteers and fosters. Fosters can also RSVP animals and request transport help online for adoption events.

Online Training

Improve safety, satisfaction, and efficiency by certifying your volunteers with customized online videos and quizzes.

Rewards & Acknowledgements

Improve retention and performance with personalized recognition, clear goals, and acknowledgements.

Foster Updates

Automatically send fosters reminders, requests, information updates, and adoption events. Receive updates and stories from fosters.

Comprehensive Tracking

Optimize your organization with auto-generated profiles, involvement tracking, and volunteering and fostering reports.

At a Glance (Premium):

Unlimited potential volunteer tracking
Multi-step applications
Applicant training tracking
Fully-customizable application*
Fully-customizable liability waiver
Separate volunteer & foster applications
Interests & availability search*

Training tracking
Online videos & quiz
In-person training scheduling
Volunteer library
Individual profiles & tracking*
Group emailing & tracking
Volunteer & foster groups
MIA volunteer tracking
Volunteer search
Animal database
Foster reminders
Foster journal
Community directory
Online scheduling
1-click scheduling
Tasks, events, & recurring shifts
Animal RSVP support
kiosk

FREE CUSTOMIZATIONS - you dream it, we build it
24/7 Email Support*
24/7 Text/Phone Support

*Included in the Paperless Package

Learn Bella's Story

After 9 years with her family, Bella found herself suddenly alone in a corner kennel at the back of Animal Care & Control. Too old to be adopted, Bella was overlooked for months. Luckily, one woman saw her potential and brought her to a senior dog rescue. 2 days later, she had found her forever home with our founder, Emily.

Inspired by Bella's story, Emily took her skills as a computer science & prosocial psychology professional and set out to develop software not yet accessible to Bella's rescue. Our mission is to build the most accessible and user-friendly software for nonprofits, empowering every volunteer coordinator and volunteer to achieve their goals.

Today, Bella spends her time chasing stuffed dinosaurs and snoozing in Emily's lap as Emily works with innovative organizations to empower their community with Bella.

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